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Welcome to The Proprietary Investor Portal

American Private Money Group offers our investors the ability to invest in trust deeds in their own backyard. Our Backend proprietary investor automated portal will allow to follow you deal each step of the way. Once we complete the inital underwriting approval origination analytics you will recieve a email or phone call notification about the deal. Once excepted you will join the portal and follow the underwriting conditions,appraisal, financial documentation analysis,second level property valuation, general underwiring in real time. You the inverstor will also be able to share opinion, requests and view points on each of the documents provided. For so long trust deed investors only see the deal at the very end. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. American Private Moey Group with the help of our proprietary technology bring all the pices together from the beginning.


American Private Money Group works with investors who use trust deed investing not only as a way to receive a higher yield for money, but as a full time carrer, part time job and supplemental income source. Our investor  focus and philosophy is very simple and fully transparent. 

1. We focus on LOCAL DEALS for LOCAL INVESTORS. Let's face the facts you want to lend money were you live and understand.

2. We focus on HIGH YIELDS YOU WANT for your investment strategy. The investor dictates the rate not the borrower or broker.

3. We focus on STRICT CONSERVATIVE UNDERWRITING for safety first. Our principles are Subprime-ALT-A underwriters. No Liar Loans Allowed.

Click on the Register button below to join American Private Money Group.

Answer all the questions our system requires. Please be specific in answering the question.

Once you recieve your investor approval number you are ready to work on your local trust deeds.






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